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Frequently Asked Questions


Why can only licensed stylists purchase HALOCOUTURE extensions?
Where is HALOCOUTURE hair sourced?
What does 100% Remy human hair mean?
I’m a licensed stylist. Where can I find information that is more relevant to me?
Do extensions require long-term maintenance?
Will extensions damage my hair?
Can extensions be worn every day?
Do hair extensions work for thin hair?
Can I sleep in my extensions?
Can I exercise in my extensions?
Can I swim in my extensions?
How long do extensions last?
Which extension method is right for me?
What are HALOCOUTURE Instant Extensions? What does this mean?
Can the HALO be worn with other extensions?
Will the HALO stay on without clips or bindings?
My HALO is moving around on my head.
My HALO is bunching/buckling at the sides.
When wearing the HALO all day, it hurts my head.
What if my Miracle Wire breaks?
Which HALO is better for me? The Original HALO or The Layered HALO?
Can HALOCOUTURE extensions be colored?
Can I bleach or lift the extensions?
Can HALOCOUTURE extensions be permed?
Can HALOCOUTURE extensions be styled with heat?
How can I extend the life of my extensions?
What products should be used on my HALOCOUTURE extensions?
How often should I wash my extensions?
How do I wash my extensions?
What is the best way to store my extensions?
Where can I find my orders?
Can I change my order?
Can I call in to place my orders?
What if my item is back-ordered?
How are my items shipped?
Can I choose expedited options?
Can I ship to a PO Box?
Do you ship to Canada? What about duties and taxes?
How do I track my package?
What if my order has not moved today?
I placed my order using the wrong address. How can I change it?
What is your return policy?
How do I can I return an order?
How long does returning an item take?
What if my order has not moved today?
I placed my order using the wrong address. How can I change it?

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