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Travel Far and Wide with Effective Hair Extension Storage

After applying a hydrating face mask and drinking a quart of water, you recline your seat and prepare for takeoff—ready to arrive at your destination refreshed and hydrated. But despite the effort we may put into skincare when flying, hair maintenance often takes a back seat. For stylists advising first-time extension wearers, expressing the importance of proper hair extension storage while traveling should be baked into every consultation.  

Curated by extension professionals, the HALOCOUTURE® Hair Extension Storage & Travel Case allows stylists to both deliver seamless results and support clients’ extension maintenance. Perhaps a client booked an appointment for a special event, and you want to arrive with pristine extensions at hand. Perhaps you want to support clients with tools to add to their hair routine.  

Give HALOCOUTURE® extensions all the love they deserve with our guide to hair extension storage and travel maintenance.  

Why Summer Hair Can Be Especially Tricky 

More hiking treks, morning runs, and pool days equal more showers. While clients may favor a summer lifestyle, increasing their number of hair-washing days can dry out extensions. Each hair cuticle has a lipid barrier designed to preserve the cell membrane; when over-exposed to shampoos, these lipids can be lost over time, resulting in drier hair.  

Airplanes too can be drying agents. Because planes have a low moisture content, our scalp and hair strands may dehydrate and lose their luster. Oh, and the static from plane seats does frizz no favors either. Combining increased travel with increased showering makes for a potentially damaging duo when it comes to hair extension health.  

Our Tips For Traveling With Hair Extensions 

But have no fear, HALO® hair care tips have arrived. For clients and stylists alike, keeping these factors in mind will help your extensions shine no matter where your travels take you.  

Prioritize Effective Hair Extension Storage 

Clients can of course wear HALO® extensions during plane rides, beach trips, or any other activity that places more stress on human hair. With a little extra attention, extensions will remain sleek. However, some clients may prefer to store their hair in a safe place while traveling or exercising to simplify their routine.  

Crafted to secure any HALOCOUTURE® extension, the Hair Extension Storage & Travel Case includes a Hair Extension Storage Bag, made with a soft, foldable material. Keep hair extensions detangled and ready to style as soon as needed. The Hair Extension Storage Bag even suits our semi-permanent extensions (such as tape-ins and wefts), perfect for stylists traveling with extensions before an appointment.  

Stylist Jodi Snowden (@jodisnowden) noted that the Hair Extension Storage Bag material feels “velvety” which “[helps] keep the integrity of your hair extensions, so they don’t get really frizzy.” Check out her thoughts below! 





Understand Which Hair Extension Tools You Need

Selecting the right tools can transform your hair extension care, and our Hair Extension Storage & Travel Case does not miss a detail—from clips to combs, the case stores it all.  

Stylist Haley Helmkamp (@haley_cosmo) uses the Travel Clip Hanger included in our Storage & Travel Case to situate extensions while blow drying, flat ironing, or curling. Whether you need to make styling even easier while on-the-go, or simply want to de-clutter your space, this extension hanger keeps organization simple.  

Both clients and stylists can place our Retractable Comb into their bags for quick touch-ups or out-of-town installations, respectively. Hair clips are perfect for securing the hair back when installing extensions.  

See how stylist Haley Helmkamp (@haley_cosmo) uses our Extension Storage & Travel Case when she’s out and about!  




Invest In A Hair Extension Brush 

Small enough to pop into a beach bag or carry-on, the Travel Brush included in our Hair Extension Travel Case is designed specifically for extensions. Keep hair looking tangle-free and salon-fresh by preventing matting at the application point.  

For wet or dry hair, clients can stop tangles in their tracks and enjoy the same hair quality that left the salon.   

Know What Makes Halo Extensions Unique

Without the commitment of traditional hair extension methods, HALO® extensions can be removed before swimming laps or catching a flight. The ability to store HALO® extensions safely therefore is even more critical for those who want to take full advantage of HALOs’ benefits. 

Building the cost of our Extension Storage & Travel Case into the price of your service can be an effective way to ensure clients have the supplies they need to take care of their HALO® extensions.  

The Difference Proper Hair Extension Storage Makes

When extensions maintain that initial post-salon shimmer even months down the road, clients will continue returning for new appointments. Help prolong extension quality with the HALOCOUTURE® Hair Extension Storage & Travel Case.  


Three angles of the Halocouture Extension Storage Case


This blog was written by professionals in the beauty industry using first-hand stylist experiences.