Specifically formulated to extend the life of your HALO®

Formulated to Protect Your Investment

HALOCOUTURE® Extension Care Products were developed and tested to protect the Keratin seal. Packed with Anti-Aging ingredients that help maintain shine, preserve color, and extend hair’s youthful condition.

Hair Extensions are no longer living and do not receive the natural oils from your scalp, which means the products in our shower are not safe or effective.

All of our products were specifically created and formulated for our 100% Remy Human Hair. It’s the only product line we recommend to safely care for your HALO®, Fall, and Ponytail. 

A multitude of Anti-Aging Peptides and nutrients restores hair’s youthful condition.

Keratin seal protection preserves hair’s cuticleto extend the life of your extension.

Sulfate-free & Paraben-free formula leaves hair soft and full of shine without build-up.

StrandGuard Complex with UV Protection shields hair from environmental factors and prevents color fading.

HeatWave Technology in the Silk Spritz and Serum delivers heat into the cortex while protecting the cuticle for longer lasting style.

Certified Organic and No Animal Testing. Why would you trust your HALOCOUTURE® Extensions with anything else?

Created for The HALO®, The Layered HALO®, The Fall and The Ponytail. Not for use with Tape-In Extensions.

HALOCOUTURE® Extension Care is Formulated to Extend the Life of Your Extensions!

HALOCOUTURE® Extension Care is the only product line we recommend to safely care for your HALOCOUTURE® HALO®, Fall, and Ponytail Extensions. Each product was designed to refresh, restore and protect the Keratin Seal on the 100% Remy Human Hair. It’s specifically formulated to extend the life of your HALOCOUTURE® Extensions!



Revive Shampoo gently removes any product build-up without damaging the Keratin Seal on the Extension. It protects and preserves color, moisturizes and restores hair’s fresh condition.



Intense Therapy Hair Mask repairs dry, thirsty hair with Peptides and natural Plant Proteins. Safflower Seed Oil and Avocado Oil saturates the hair with moisture-rich lipids. This mask seals the hair cuticle to preserve color while locking in moisture.



Replenish Conditioner is a deep penetrating moisturizing conditioner made with Shea Butter, Plant Proteins, Peptides, and Organic Extracts. It strengthens hair for increased shine and leaves hair feeling silky smooth.



Serum Hair Polish minimizes frizz and static, leaving hair silky and soft without feeling heavy. HeatWave Technology activates with styling tools to create a glass-like shine.


Silk Spritz Luminous Hair Oil is a quick-absorbing, weightless mist that helps reduce frizz and gives hair a lustrous, sleek look. It’s perfect for de-tangling and restoring shine to your Extensions and your hair! 



Flexible Finishing Hair Spray has a light-weight, alcohol-free formula that provides flexible hold with minimum build-up. It does not dry out hair and will not flake, even after brushing.

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