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Your A-Z Guide:  How To Wash & Style Halo Extensions

Your A-Z Guide: How To Wash & Style Halo Extensions

As amazing and time-saving as Halo hair extensions are, they require care to ensure the longest-lasting result.. Because our extensions are the highest-quality 100% Remy Human Hair, just like your natural hair, they require washing and pampering

To keep them maintained and looking beautiful, we’re giving you the Best Practices guide on maintaining your Halo extensions.

How Often Should You Wash Your Halo Extensions?

How Often Should You Wash Your Halo Extensions?

Wash your halo extensions every 2-3 months

(or more often depending on how often you wear them and what products you use on them).

The number of washes depends on how often you wear them and what products you use on them.

  • If you are an active user (as in you wear them daily or multiple days a week): wash your extensions more frequently to avoid oil and product build-up.
  • If you wear them 1x per week or 3-4 times per month, you can probably wash them every 2-3 months. Just keep an eye on them. Again, depending on how oily your natural hair is and what products you use on them, you may want to wash them more frequently.

How To Wash Your Halo Extensions

Washing your extensions can be done in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Brush Your Halo Extension Well

Brush Your Halo Extension Well

Brush your halo extensions to remove any tangles

While your Halo extensions are similar to your natural hair but they may tangle a bit more easily during the washing process. Be sure to brush them well BEFORE wetting them to avoid any tangles or matting.

Step 2: Rinse Your Halo In Cold Water

Once you are done with brushing the extensions, rinse them in cold water first, ensuring the water flows from top to bottom of the extensions to avoid any unnecessary tangling.

Step 3: Shampoo Your Extensions

Shampoo Your Extensions

Apply sulfate-free shampoo to your Halo extensions

When the Halo extensions are soaked in cold water, apply shampoo. Avoid shampoos containing sulfate as they can make the extensions dry and brittle, causing them to lose their shine and resilience over time. Scrub them well until lather forms.

Rinse the hair for at least 2-3 minutes until the shampoo is completely gone. If any shampoo remains in the extensions, it can make the hair sticky and matted.

Step 4: Apply A Hair Conditioner or Mask

Conditioning your Halo Hair Extensions well after you shampoo them ensures longevity as it helps seal the cuticle (just as your natural hair when you wash it in the shower). Leave the conditioner on for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

Step 5: Drying Your Extensions

Hang your Halo extensions and lightly comb through them to remove any tangles. Using your hairdryer, on low to medium heat, rough dry your extensions until 90% dry. Once 90% dry, you can use a brush to finish the blowout for a smooth, frizz-free result.

How To Style Your Halo Extensions

How To Style Your Halo Extensions

Curl your hair first to blend it with halo extensions

Step 1: Curl Your Halo Extensions OFF your Head

We recommend curling your extensions when they are not on your head but hanging from an extension hanger. You can see the full range of hair to get the best results.

Step 2: Curl Your Natural Hair

Curl your natural hair (separately) without the extensions in your hair. This will give you a fuller, more polished look and ensure a smooth, seamless look once you place your Halo.

Step 3: Place Your Halo Extensions

After you’ve curled your hair and your Halo extensions, it’s time to place the extensions!

Caring for your extensions is equally as important as selecting the right color and style of Halo that’s right for you. You’ve spent the time and money to invest in this gorgeous accessory, so be sure to take the time to care for it too.

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